сравнительная характеристика катерины и ларисы огудаловой Scrum is an agile project management method that focuses upon short, focused work periods called “Sprints.” As a Product Owner it is very important to learn how to work with your team & stakeholders to identify the business benefits to prioritize, understand customers & end-users and creating the product backlog which further leads to managing the backlog efficiently. полномочия депутатов городского совета

  1. It’s about the product
  2. It’s about understanding product benefits
  3. It’s about customer experience
  4. It’s about design thinking
  5. It’s about collaboration

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поздравления с юбилеем 45 лет сестре тесто на живых дрожжах On completion of the course and passing the online exam, attendees will receive official designation as “Certified Scrum Product Owner” by the Scrum Alliance. This certification includes a two–year membership of the Scrum Alliance.

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  • Are you a product owner who is struggling to understand your role in a Scrum or agile process?
  • Are you facing challenge in meeting stakeholder & team’s expectations?
  • Are you finding challenge in creating backlog and correctly prioritizing them to meet the product vision?
  • Are you finding it difficult in getting visibility on team’s progress?
  • Or you have this passion to be a Product Owner because you think this is what you want and you are capable of, and want to learn what it takes to be one? скучаю по твоим рукам This training is aimed at instilling the core beliefs of Agile and Scrum and creating a transparent and collaborative environment where the team succeeds as a single entity. SCRUM is an Agile Project Management method that focuses on short, focused work periods called “SPRINTS”. заявление на получение копии решения суда образец схема формирования бюджета предприятия

  1. Understanding Scrum framework
  2. Scrum Rules & Properties
  3. Software Development Principles
  4. Empirical Process Control
  5. Work Culture

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  1. Product Owner (in Detail)
  2. Scrum Master (Overview)
  3. Development Team (Overview)
  4. Impact on traditional roles гендерное воспитание в семье

  1. Importance of Product Vision
  2. Create effective Product Vision
  3. Desired qualities of the vision
  4. How the vision can be shaped?
  5. Importance of just-enough prep work
  6. Relationship between vision & product roadmap личность субъект деятельности

  1. Understand different estimation levels in Scrum
  2. Accuracy Vs Precision
  3. Size & Duration estimation
  4. Product Owner’s expectation from team
  5. Difference between Estimation & Committing

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  1. Understand Product Backlog
  2. Product Backlog Grooming

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  1. Understand the importance of prioritizing in Product Backlog
  2. Implications of making everything mandatory
  3. Who inputs into prioritization?
  4. Multiple factors affecting prioritization
  5. Formal approach to prioritizing
  6. Team’s role in adjusting sequence of work

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  1. Goal of release management
  2. Adaptive, Iterative & collaborative planning
  3. Different levels of Planning
  4. Quality of shippable product
  5. Technical Debt
  6. Release early & frequently
  7. Understanding & measuring Velocity
  8. Release Burndown Chart
  9. Forecast future

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  1. Product Owner’s role
  2. Collaboration between Product Owner & Development team
  3. Team commitment
  4. Sprints – Time-boxed & protected
  5. Sustainable pace concept