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  • Understand essential design patterns, and how to use them
  • Obtain a strong, fundamental understanding of Smalltalk style Object Orientated Development
  • Understand basic OO design principles and see how they apply to real world problems
  • Learn to recognise code smells and understand how they violate the design principles
  • Obtain an excellent understanding of 10+ design principles and 30+ design patterns
  • Experience hands-on, refactoring to and away from patterns during the lab sessions
  • Gain a working vocabulary of design patterns
  • Understand how to evolve patterns into a design, rather than designing with them up-front

http://ds-alenka.ru/sites/default/prezentatsiya-tipologiya-obshestv-10-klass-profilniy-uroven.html презентация типология обществ 10 класс профильный уровень

Day 1
  • Implementation Patterns
    • Values of a Good Design – Communication, Simplicity, Flexibility
  • OO Design Principles:
    • Open Close Principle (OCP)
    • Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)
    • Tell, Don’t Ask
    • Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)
    • Law of Demeter
    • Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP)
    • Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP)
    • Interface Segregation Principle (ISP)
    • Triangulate
  • Code Smells and Refactoring
Day 2 Readability, Construction тургенев сборник рассказов записки охотника and Structural Pattern
http://shavermavn.ru/doki/sitemap24.html семена от кольякова каталог Pattern http://sergutov.ru/ozon/mobile/triggernaya-knopka-shema.html триггерная кнопка схема Programming Exercise
Composed Method
Fluent Interface
Template Method Template Method: Loans Exercise
Creation Method Creation Method: Loans Exercise
Factory Method
Abstract Factory
Strategy Strategy: Loans Exercise
Composite Composite Product Finder Exercise
Chain of Responsibility Employee Exercise
Day 3 Behavioral and Structural методом ареалов на карте можно изобразить Pattern
список документов для сдачи наружного газопровода Pattern водолей женщина характеристика в любви Programming Exercise
Null Object Person Finder Exercise
Guard Clause
Interpreter Product Finder Exercise
Proxy Proxy Finance Exercise
Memoization Fibonacci Exercise
State Permissions Exercise
Day 4 Behavioral and More узи 21 неделя нормы advanced Patterns
инновационная деятельность определение Pattern http://xn--79-vlcueknc.xn--p1ai/wp-includes/widgets/chay-iz-badana-lechebnie-svoystva.html чай из бадана лечебные свойства Programming Exercise
Observer xUnit Observer Exercise
Parameter Object
Collecting Parameter Tags Exercise
Dependency Injection
Iterator Iterator Loans Exercise
Dispatch Table Operator Exercise
Self-Shunting CoffeeMachine Exercise
Pluggable Selector

http://calzini-shop.ru/system/smsgate/slova-pesni-oleg-vinnik-schaste.html слова песни олег винник счастье

  • 1 or 2 Days of http://neuro-nn.ru/layouts/plugins/koeffitsient-izmeneniya-stoimosti-osnovnih-sredstv.html коэффициент изменения стоимости основных средств Mentoring via Pair Programming with Developers on your code base
    • To get your team kick-started with the learning from the workshop, we recommend, that our trainer spends a day or two, working with your team on your code base.
    • Each day will be reserved for 4 pair programming sessions. During these sessions, the workshop participants will take specific examples from their projects, where they are finding it difficult to apply any of the practices learned in the workshop. The trainer will then pair with an individual to show how to resolve those challenges.
    • At the end of the day, the 4 volunteers will summarize their learning by showing before and after code from their respective pairing session to the rest of the group.
  • способы образования сложносокращенных слов Pre-Post Programming Assessment
    • The goal of these programming assessments is to identify real and quantifiable measures for the learning achieved through our workshop.
    • http://priztaxi.ru/peredacha-bubnovskogo-pravila-dvizheniya.html передача бубновского правила движения Objective:
      • Get a quick understanding of your knowledge and skill level with respect to Designing & Programming
      • Establish a baseline against which the effectiveness of the workshop may be measured
      • Customize our workshop based on specific areas identified in this assessment
    • http://mculab.ru/personal/img/sitemap15.html формы безналичных расчетов таблица Pre-Assessment: Before the workshop, we’ll send a problem description, your developers will spend max 4 hours and solve the problem and send us the code. We’ll evaluate the code and send you detailed feedback about the code, including areas for improvement. We can send different types of problems (fresh development, cleaning up existing code and so on.)
    • http://svalcher.ru/libraries/vendor/sitemap24.html расписание автобусов асбест каменск уральский Post-Assessment: 2 week after the workshop, we send another problem and evaluate the solution code. A comparison between the Pre and Post Assessment should be able to clearly quantify per-participant level improvement.
    • Click on the image to download the http://sudneva.ru/wp-includes/widgets/gde-nahoditsya-zambezi-na-karte.html где находится замбези на карте sample report…

http://svet-travel.ru/wp-includes/widgets/sitemap96.html приготовление суп лапша

  • Interactive Dialogues, Programming Exercises, Demos, and Instructional Games

предварительные результаты выборов 2015 в сумах

  • Knowledge: 60%, Skill-Building: 40%

статья 36 земельного кодекса

  • Primary: Object-Oriented Programmers, Architects, and Designers
  • Secondary: Technical Managers, Technical Writers, User Experience Designers

расписание автобусов первомайский

  • Advanced

виды поп у девушек

  • Required: solid hands-on understanding of OO concepts and an OO language
  • Highly Recommended: overall understanding of the life-cycle of software projects

Our Trainings


http://jeans39.ru/smarty/plugins/sitemap9.html поздравления от всей семьи маме с юбилеем +  Certified Scrum Master http://mmc-market.ru/template/template/elektronniy-katalog-rntb.html электронный каталог рнтб +  Certified Scrum Product Owner http://sarinstrument-demontag.ru/raspisanie-avtobusov-novodvinsk-arhangelsk-145.html расписание автобусов новодвинск архангельск 145 +  PMI Agile Certified Professional (PMI – ACP)