характеристики samsung galaxy note n8000 When we finish this workshop, your team will have:

  • A prioritized product backlog/roadmap with high-level estimates for the upcoming release
  • A story map to visualize the overall product backlog/roadmap
  • External and internal release milestones
  • Paper prototypes or wire-frames for user stories planned for first internal release
  • A list of important risks and concerns the teams have identified for this project
  • The confidence to start executing the product development

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  • Understand the thought process and steps involved during a typical product discovery and release planning session
  • Using various User-Centered Design techniques, learn how to create a User Story Map to help you visualize your product
  • Understand various prioritization techniques that work at the Business-Goal and User-Persona Level
  • Learn how to decompose User Activities into User Tasks and then into User Stories
  • Apply an Acceptance Criteria-Driven Discovery approach to flush out thin slices of functionality that cut across the system
  • Identify various techniques to narrow the scope of your releases, without reducing the value delivered to the users
  • Improve confidence and collaboration between the business and engineering teams
  • Practice key techniques to work in short cycles to get rapid feedback and reduce risk

сколько видов рыб на земле число вертинский стихи на белорусском Day 1: Understand Product Context

  • Introduction
  • Domain Overview
  • Define Product Vision
  • Ice Breaker
  • Identify Users That Matter
  • Create User Personas
  • Define User Goals
  • A Day-In-Life Of Each Persona полезен ли гранат при беременности

  • Prioritize Personas
  • Break Down Activities And Tasks From User Goals
  • Lay Out Goals Activities And Tasks
  • Walk Through And Refine Activity Model

навруз праздник весны

  • Prioritize High Level Tasks
  • Define Themes
  • Refine Tasks
  • Define Minimum Viable Product
  • Identify Internal And External Release Milestones

сонник волосы на языке

  • Define User Task Level Acceptance Criteria
  • Break Down User Tasks To User Stories Based On Acceptance Criteria
  • Refine Acceptance Criteria For Each Story
  • Find Ways To Further Thin-Slice User Stories
  • Build Quick Paper-Prototype For Vague User Stories
  • Spike Out Risky User Stories
  • Capture Assumptions And Non-Functional Requirements

фламин суспензия инструкция по применению

  • Define Relative Size Of User Stories
  • Refine Internal Release Milestones For First-Release Based On Estimates
  • Define Goals For Each Release
  • Sketch Out Walking Skeleton Using Wire-frames
  • Discuss And Agree To A Collaborative Working Model In The Team
  • Refine Product And Project Risks
  • Present And Commit To The Plan
  • Retrospective

рассказ женщины визбор слушать

  • Focused Break-Out Sessions, Group Activities, Interactive Dialogues, Presentations, Heated Debates/Discussions and Some Fun Games

днс орск каталог товаров

  • Knowledge: 40%, Skill-Building: 60%

победа расписание рейсов In the past, this workshop has been most successful if the following roles are present all 5 days:

  • Product Owner
  • Release/Project Manager
  • Subject Matter Expert, Domain Expert, or Business Analyst
  • User Experience team
  • Architect/Tech Lead
  • Core Development Team (including developers, testers, DBAs, etc.) что делает мужчину счастливым семечки тыквы лечебные свойства

  • Intermediate to Advanced змз 4022 характеристики

  • Required: basic understanding of Agile (iterative and incremental software delivery models)
  • Required: buy-in and support from senior management
  • Highly Recommended: co-located team members for this workshop основа для печати

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